What is PipelineNova?

A new and easier way to manage your sales pipeline. Run it solo or with your entire team across departments. Integrate easily with any other app you’re currently using. Impress your sales executives with the right amount of updates and history for each lead in your pipeline.

What is PipelineNova?

Salesforce and every other app that came after it have long gone the way of complicated relics. —“I hate Salesforce!” — is what we hear from every sales rep. It's clunky, too big, and 95% of sales reps don't even get around to using its bloated features, yet they pay a solid amount of $$$ to use it on daily basis.

There's a better way

PipelineNova aims to be the most essential sales pipeline management app in the market. Its superpower relies on having one-click integrations with every other app you're currently using. Each lead you manage on PipelineNova will have its history and updates for everyone to see, without you having to enter multiple times similar data on ever app you use.

For each lead in your pipeline, the sales executive in your team will know exactly where things stand, without needing a briefing for every single lead.

The best part:

  1. It will help you close more deals,
  2. Save you time, and
  3. It will be affordable for individuals and teams of any size.

The team

PipelineNova is currently in stealth mode. It's being built by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with decades of combined experiences in sales and app development.

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